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  • Episode 1

    [[:zerchak | Zer'chak]] and Elkantor, arrived in [[Winterhaven]] seeking adventure; there they met [[:mazin | Mazin]] and Kettenbar who had answered a cry from help from the town's local priest, [[:bren-rodor]]. The town had been under attack nightly by …

  • Winterhaven

    *Population:* 758 in the town and supported farms *Leadership:* [[:earnest-padrig]], Lord of Winterhaven (hereditary title) *Defence:* Walls +10 City Gaurds, though a militia of over 100 may be raised in times of need.

    Bren Rodor

    Bren reveres all the gods, but Pelor and the Raven Queen above all others. h3. Personality Bren is Kindly & cares for all. h3. Physical Description Youngish human of about 28 years, slightly short of stature. He walks with a limp from an old …

  • Earnest Padrig

    Feels inadequate but acts overly sure of himself; constantly trying to prove his worth. Is studying devil pacts to become the grand leader he dreams of over a flourishing Winterhaven. He fears that [[:bren-rodor]] will supplant his leadership. He …