End of Days

The party snuck into the heart of the lair of Tabraxus, slaughtering his Kobold captors and convincing him his action whilst among them were wrong, having him turn and assist them in the battle swinging the battle massively in the favour of the party. The underdark cavern was found to be caved in, though with some work it could be unblocked.
Tabraxus was left to guard the cavern with Eilia while the rest of the party pressed on toward the Harkenwold. A message was sent to Tabhaûm to watch over the young wyrmling in his task. Tabhaûm sent a silver psedodragon in his stead, when it arrived Tabraxus flew Eilia to the rest of the party in and in her flight she saw a pillar of smoke emerging from with in the Harkenwold.



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