End of Days

The session began with a heated discussion on how they should deal with the party should deal with the sliver. They decided to seek the advice and assistance of The Bastion of the Dawn. The Bastion agreed to take the sliver, with The Scrolls taking care of it. They were rewarded for their actions and concerns, and sent out to investigate reports of Iron Circle activity within Harkenwold.
As the party set out they came upon an old Dragonborn, who called himself Tabhaûm he asked the party to travel with him as he went to visit an old friend; Tharaxata. On the journey the party learned Tharaxata is in fact an adementium dragon who guarded an entrance to the Underdark. However where the Chronus meets the Nentir River Tabhaûm received word from a golden falcon that Tharaxata had been killed in a battle with a Grey Dragon and her lair had been claimed by a tribe of Kobolds.
Seeing this as a major risk, the party pressed on to investigate without Tabhaûm as the old dragonborn was unwilling to take the risk of facing Kobolds nor the home of his dead friend. They fought their way past the Kobolds and into the dark depths of the lab.



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