End of Days

The Sliver of Madness

The party pressed their way deeper into the cavern, to encounter the earthsoul genasi swordmage, Ediza commanding two halfling wizards to unlock the seal to the caverns heart. The party was discovered before the ritual was completed, and combat was ensured. Ediza fought off the party as the halflings finished their ritual unsealing what lay beyond from which two wraiths came and joined the fray. Ediza fell and Casaubon ran forth to claim the memory crystal and then as if possessed ran forth into the darkness beyond. The halflings surrended with their patron killed, yet they were unable to see the wraith, having dispatched the wraiths the heroes took the halflings wands and left them their lives and their freedom.
In the heart of the cavern lay the resting place of the sliver of the meteorite that made the chaos scar. It is here Casaubon waited, holding the sliver and utterly possessed by it as it transformed him into an aberrant horror. The party slew him and his wraith guardians, claimed two platinum pieces that lay at the bottom of the crash site as well as the memory crystals and the memory crystal and the sliver along with Casaubon’s body. The exited the cavern and buried those that they had killed there as well as Casaubon, and as the sun set investigated what they had found. Zer’chak read through the memories contained with in the crystal, and found it to be the second part of the journal of Xor-Souf, detailing her chase of the meteor as it plummeted toward the natural world. The final entry was a disjointed confusing jumble of emotions and thoughts. Some of them were Xor-Souf ’s, but others came from an indescribable being wielding potent psionic power. The telepathic voice raged that Xor-Souf was and unsuitable vessel for its gift, and it called out “Come find me Zer’chak, come and claim your destiny; it is within your grasp”. That night, Zer’chak dreamed of the history of the Chaos Scar, and watched the millennia unfold and the formation of countless Shardminds as they set out into the world.



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