End of Days

The heroes continued south toward The Chaos Scar, stopping in Fallcrest for supplies and information. From the mage’s guild they learned of a wizard who through his studies had become obsessed with the Chaos Scar and the meteor that created it, Casaubon. They met with the Half-Elf and he told them of how he had discovered a memory crystal which had told him of the location of a mighty sliver of the meteor, and how he had understood that it was his destiny to seek and obtain this sliver. He had been involved with a Earthsoul Gensai Swordmage, Ediza who had betrayed him and stole off to claim what should have been his, he commissioned the party with an offer of 500 gold to escort him to the Chaos Scar and see him through to obtaining this Sliver of his.
The party continued along with Casaubon down to Restwell, just north of the Chaos Scar stoked up on supplies then set off once more into the wild. They came upon the entrance to the cave where the sliver lay, to find it guarded by mercenaries hired by Ediza who they slayed at Casaubon’s insistence.



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