End of Days

The heroes pressed deeper into the ruins of Ekwalerus to an underground library over run with damp and rot, and deffended by a number of gnome necromancers and a Shadar-kai bladedancer. The party slew these foes and pressed on into the study beyond which was inhabited by Zahar, a Shadar-kai necromancer, who possessed a powerful red orb and Tura the Paladin the sought in an unconscious state atop an altar. As the party fought with him, his flesh began to fall away and a new personality, that of Zamir began to take hold. Slaying the necromancer the party began to rest and examine what state Tura was in the Hobgolins they had seen fighting at the ground’s gates burst in and demanded the orb. Their leader identified themselves as members of The Iron Circle, a militant band dedicated to Bane and Asmodeus. The party attempted to fight them off, but utterly exhausted from the ordeals of the day were unable and surrendered the orb in exchange for their lives and that of Tura. During the battle Zer’chak took hold of the orb for but an instant, but in that instant heard the following from with in it “Ohh, three in here; getting a bit crowded isn’t it?”
Unable to press on any further, they barred the door as best they could and rested.
Once awake they found the grounds of Ekwalerus deserted, of both living and dead as they made their way back to Winterhaven. At Winterhaven they gave Turra (who was still unconscious) over to the care of Bren Rodor, who also cured Mazin of his ailments while they told him of all that transpired.

The party then set off to the Chaos Scar far in the south, seeking a mighty orb of their own to fight back with.



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