End of Days

Wings of Death

With Mazin back on his feet, the heroes explored the nearby tomb to be attacked by a restless spirit who identified herself as Etherea, one of the three founders of Ekwalerus. After putting her spirit to rest, the party explored the two adjacent tombs to find them both empty, the one for Jeras having had a teleportation ritual applied to it recently, that of Kazmir deserted for some time.
Our heroes continued on deeper into the grounds of Ekwalerus, discovering a battle in progress at the ground’s gates between a band of goblins and hobgoblins that they avoided, finding their way into the main building, where they chose to go up the tower. At the top of the ruined tower was a necromancer commanding the battle down below however once the party was discovered he called on his pet undead white dragon, who the party then killed, along with all other occupants of the tower.



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