End of Days

Zer’chak and Elkantor, arrived in Winterhaven seeking adventure; there they met Mazin and Kettenbar who had answered a cry from help from the town’s local priest, Bren Rodor. The town had been under attack nightly by the undead and the local lord, Earnest Padrig refused to seek aid. Bren believed the attacks were originating from an ancient magical institution, Ekwalerus, north of the town. Tura, a travelling paladin of Avandra had gone to investigate but after a week she was still yet to return and Bren feared for he safety. Elkantor met with Lord Padraig to try and convince him to end their troubles at the source or at least summon aid, but to no avail.
That night our heroes helped fend of a zombie attack, and at first light set out along with Eilia a halfling who had appeared mysteriously a month ago and had been in Bren’s care since. They made their way quickly to Ekwalerus slaying another band of undead on the road, this one notably made up of hobgoblins.
Once they reached the ruins they scaled the walls of the grounds and were set upon by Twig Blights who tore into Mazin, apparently killing him. Yet the dragonborn made a miraculous recovery, standing back up after being killed, yet finding himself much weaker if he left the grounds of Ekwalerus.



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