End of Days

Freeing Tabraxus

The party snuck into the heart of the lair of Tabraxus, slaughtering his Kobold captors and convincing him his action whilst among them were wrong, having him turn and assist them in the battle swinging the battle massively in the favour of the party. The underdark cavern was found to be caved in, though with some work it could be unblocked.
Tabraxus was left to guard the cavern with Eilia while the rest of the party pressed on toward the Harkenwold. A message was sent to Tabhaûm to watch over the young wyrmling in his task. Tabhaûm sent a silver psedodragon in his stead, when it arrived Tabraxus flew Eilia to the rest of the party in and in her flight she saw a pillar of smoke emerging from with in the Harkenwold.

Finding the East Horizon

The session began with a heated discussion on how they should deal with the party should deal with the sliver. They decided to seek the advice and assistance of The Bastion of the Dawn. The Bastion agreed to take the sliver, with The Scrolls taking care of it. They were rewarded for their actions and concerns, and sent out to investigate reports of Iron Circle activity within Harkenwold.
As the party set out they came upon an old Dragonborn, who called himself Tabhaûm he asked the party to travel with him as he went to visit an old friend; Tharaxata. On the journey the party learned Tharaxata is in fact an adementium dragon who guarded an entrance to the Underdark. However where the Chronus meets the Nentir River Tabhaûm received word from a golden falcon that Tharaxata had been killed in a battle with a Grey Dragon and her lair had been claimed by a tribe of Kobolds.
Seeing this as a major risk, the party pressed on to investigate without Tabhaûm as the old dragonborn was unwilling to take the risk of facing Kobolds nor the home of his dead friend. They fought their way past the Kobolds and into the dark depths of the lab.

The Sliver of Madness

The party pressed their way deeper into the cavern, to encounter the earthsoul genasi swordmage, Ediza commanding two halfling wizards to unlock the seal to the caverns heart. The party was discovered before the ritual was completed, and combat was ensured. Ediza fought off the party as the halflings finished their ritual unsealing what lay beyond from which two wraiths came and joined the fray. Ediza fell and Casaubon ran forth to claim the memory crystal and then as if possessed ran forth into the darkness beyond. The halflings surrended with their patron killed, yet they were unable to see the wraith, having dispatched the wraiths the heroes took the halflings wands and left them their lives and their freedom.
In the heart of the cavern lay the resting place of the sliver of the meteorite that made the chaos scar. It is here Casaubon waited, holding the sliver and utterly possessed by it as it transformed him into an aberrant horror. The party slew him and his wraith guardians, claimed two platinum pieces that lay at the bottom of the crash site as well as the memory crystals and the memory crystal and the sliver along with Casaubon’s body. The exited the cavern and buried those that they had killed there as well as Casaubon, and as the sun set investigated what they had found. Zer’chak read through the memories contained with in the crystal, and found it to be the second part of the journal of Xor-Souf, detailing her chase of the meteor as it plummeted toward the natural world. The final entry was a disjointed confusing jumble of emotions and thoughts. Some of them were Xor-Souf ’s, but others came from an indescribable being wielding potent psionic power. The telepathic voice raged that Xor-Souf was and unsuitable vessel for its gift, and it called out “Come find me Zer’chak, come and claim your destiny; it is within your grasp”. That night, Zer’chak dreamed of the history of the Chaos Scar, and watched the millennia unfold and the formation of countless Shardminds as they set out into the world.

Sliver's Call

The heroes continued south toward The Chaos Scar, stopping in Fallcrest for supplies and information. From the mage’s guild they learned of a wizard who through his studies had become obsessed with the Chaos Scar and the meteor that created it, Casaubon. They met with the Half-Elf and he told them of how he had discovered a memory crystal which had told him of the location of a mighty sliver of the meteor, and how he had understood that it was his destiny to seek and obtain this sliver. He had been involved with a Earthsoul Gensai Swordmage, Ediza who had betrayed him and stole off to claim what should have been his, he commissioned the party with an offer of 500 gold to escort him to the Chaos Scar and see him through to obtaining this Sliver of his.
The party continued along with Casaubon down to Restwell, just north of the Chaos Scar stoked up on supplies then set off once more into the wild. They came upon the entrance to the cave where the sliver lay, to find it guarded by mercenaries hired by Ediza who they slayed at Casaubon’s insistence.

Enter the Iron Circle

The heroes pressed deeper into the ruins of Ekwalerus to an underground library over run with damp and rot, and deffended by a number of gnome necromancers and a Shadar-kai bladedancer. The party slew these foes and pressed on into the study beyond which was inhabited by Zahar, a Shadar-kai necromancer, who possessed a powerful red orb and Tura the Paladin the sought in an unconscious state atop an altar. As the party fought with him, his flesh began to fall away and a new personality, that of Zamir began to take hold. Slaying the necromancer the party began to rest and examine what state Tura was in the Hobgolins they had seen fighting at the ground’s gates burst in and demanded the orb. Their leader identified themselves as members of The Iron Circle, a militant band dedicated to Bane and Asmodeus. The party attempted to fight them off, but utterly exhausted from the ordeals of the day were unable and surrendered the orb in exchange for their lives and that of Tura. During the battle Zer’chak took hold of the orb for but an instant, but in that instant heard the following from with in it “Ohh, three in here; getting a bit crowded isn’t it?”
Unable to press on any further, they barred the door as best they could and rested.
Once awake they found the grounds of Ekwalerus deserted, of both living and dead as they made their way back to Winterhaven. At Winterhaven they gave Turra (who was still unconscious) over to the care of Bren Rodor, who also cured Mazin of his ailments while they told him of all that transpired.

The party then set off to the Chaos Scar far in the south, seeking a mighty orb of their own to fight back with.

Wings of Death

With Mazin back on his feet, the heroes explored the nearby tomb to be attacked by a restless spirit who identified herself as Etherea, one of the three founders of Ekwalerus. After putting her spirit to rest, the party explored the two adjacent tombs to find them both empty, the one for Jeras having had a teleportation ritual applied to it recently, that of Kazmir deserted for some time.
Our heroes continued on deeper into the grounds of Ekwalerus, discovering a battle in progress at the ground’s gates between a band of goblins and hobgoblins that they avoided, finding their way into the main building, where they chose to go up the tower. At the top of the ruined tower was a necromancer commanding the battle down below however once the party was discovered he called on his pet undead white dragon, who the party then killed, along with all other occupants of the tower.

Grave Lessons

Zer’chak and Elkantor, arrived in Winterhaven seeking adventure; there they met Mazin and Kettenbar who had answered a cry from help from the town’s local priest, Bren Rodor. The town had been under attack nightly by the undead and the local lord, Earnest Padrig refused to seek aid. Bren believed the attacks were originating from an ancient magical institution, Ekwalerus, north of the town. Tura, a travelling paladin of Avandra had gone to investigate but after a week she was still yet to return and Bren feared for he safety. Elkantor met with Lord Padraig to try and convince him to end their troubles at the source or at least summon aid, but to no avail.
That night our heroes helped fend of a zombie attack, and at first light set out along with Eilia a halfling who had appeared mysteriously a month ago and had been in Bren’s care since. They made their way quickly to Ekwalerus slaying another band of undead on the road, this one notably made up of hobgoblins.
Once they reached the ruins they scaled the walls of the grounds and were set upon by Twig Blights who tore into Mazin, apparently killing him. Yet the dragonborn made a miraculous recovery, standing back up after being killed, yet finding himself much weaker if he left the grounds of Ekwalerus.


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